Reading and Content Analysis 精読と英文構成法

Course Description

Along with Academic Reading and Writing 4, RCA4 is a core course in the ELA Program. Through intensive reading,

this course helps students to develop reading skills and strategies to become independent readers of academic texts. By incorporating the experience of teachers as learners of English as a foreign language, the course mainly focuses on comprehension of the texts by providing essential skills and strategies. In

addition, analysis of the texts such as their genre, structure, tone and socio-cultural context will be addressed. Writing, such as paraphrasing and summarizing, is introduced to increase accuracy in comprehension. The course is taught over three terms which must be taken in sequence.

「読解と論文作法」と共に、リベラルアーツ英語プログラム(Stream 4)の中核となる科目である。英語を外国語として学んだ経験を持つ教員が担当することにより、学術文章を自律的に読みこなす読解力の向上を図る。テキスト の正確な理解を目的とした精読のための読解技法の習得に重点をおく。テキストのジャンル、構成、論調、社会文化的文脈の分析も行う。さらに、理解力を高め るために言い換えや要約等のライティングの演習を行う。1、2、3学期の順に履修すること。

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Oct 18

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Oct 23

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Instructor: Tsuda‚ Atsuko 津田敦子(~2014年度) | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: ELA041 | Stream4 | Update: 2014.09.24 Category: English for Liberal Arts Program