Introduction to Linguistics I 言語学入門 I

Course Description

The course has two major goals: (1) to introduce basic terminology and concepts commonly used in modern Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and (2) to provide practice in analyzing language. At the end of this course, students should be able to conduct a structural analysis of basic linguistic data in a scientific and systematic manner.


Contents of Lectures 4 Lectures / 1 Video

Oct 03 Phonetics: the study of speech sounds. & Phonology: the study of the organization of language sounds.

Oct15 Morphology: the study of the make-up of words.

Syntax: the study of how phrases and sentences larger than the word are constructed.

Semantics: the study of meaning.

Instructor: YOSHIDA‚ Tomoyuki 吉田智行 | Language of Instruction: J/E

Major: Linguistics 言語学 | Course ID: LNG101 | Course Schedule: 3/M, 3/W, 3/F | Update: 2015.01.30 Category: Major Courses