S2: Global Environmental History  S2:世界環境史

Course Description

This course seeks to introduce students to the study of history through an examination of the different and changing ways humans have defined their relationship with the natural environment.


Contents of Lectures        17Lectures  / 3 Videos

Dec 08 Introduction: What is Environmental History

Dec 11 Do Rocks Have History? The History of the Tama River

Dec 15 Do Wolves Have History? The Lost Wolves of Japan

Dec 18 The Environment in the News: Discussion Class

Jan 08 The Agrarian Revolution (Rice and Japanese Culture)

Jan 16 Ecological Imperialism (East-West Biotic Exchange)

Jan 19 The Origin of the Industrial Revolution (Japan’s Industrious Revolution)

Jan 22 The Origins of Pollution (Mining in Japan)

Jan 26 The Consequences of the Industrial Revolution (The Ashio Copper Mine Pollution Incident)

Jan 29 Population Explosion (Tokyo, the World’s Largest City)

Feb 02 Polluting the World (Minamata and Fukushima)

Feb 05 New Ideas, New Technology, New Affluence (discussion)

Feb 10 Industrial Pollution: Minamata and Beyond 

Feb 12 The History of Bicycles in Japan (What is Bicycle Pollution?)

Feb 16    Dealing with the Consequences of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiation Disaster

Feb 19 Japan and the World Environment: Is Japan Doing Enough?

Feb 23        Discussion Class: Lessons from 3/11: Are We Learning from the Past?

Instructor: STEELE‚ M. William | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: GES033 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2023.08.07

Fields of Relation: History 歴史学 Category: General Education