Linear Algebra I 線形代数学 I

Course Description

Introductory courses on linear algebra basic to further study in mathematics. Includes vectors, matrices, rank of a matrix, determinants, solutions of systems of linear equations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors and matrix representation of linear transformations. Two periods of lecture and two periods of recitation weekly.

線形代数学の基礎を学ぶ。平面,空間のベクトル,内積,外積,行列,階数,行列式,連立1次方程式の解法,行列の固有値,固有ベクトル,および平 面,空間上の線形写像の行列表示などを取り扱う。毎週講義2時限,演習2時限。 E: 線形代数学 I(J)とほぼ同一の内容を英語のテキストを用いて英語で講義する。毎週講義2時限,演習2時限。

Contents of Lectures 11Lectures / 11 Videos

Sep 6  1. System of Linear Equations

Sep 13  2. Solution Sets of Linear Systems

Sep 20   3. Linear Transformations

Sep 27  4. Matrix Algebra

Oct 4  5. Properties of Matrix Algebra

Oct 11 6. Midterm

Oct 18 7. Determinants

Oct 25 8. Applications of Determinants

Nov 1 9. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Nov 8   10. Review

Nov 13 11.Review

Review and Exams

Instructor: SUZUKI‚ Hiroshi 鈴木寛( ICU Professor Emeritus 国際基督教大学 名誉教授) | Language of Instruction: J/E Major: Mathematics 数学 | Course ID: MTH103 | Course Schedule: 1 /TH, 2 /TH | Update: 2013.04.01 Category: Major Courses