N2: Foundation of Global Informatics N2:グローバル情報学基礎

Course Description

Students aim to acquire minimum body of knowledge and skills for information literacy, information security measure, and information ethics. They are required to learn basic skills to retrieve global information from combined library and Web resources and to handle data for humanity,social and natural sciences in a statistically proper way.


Contents of Lectures 9 Lectures / 3 Videos

1. Overview of ‘Information Literacy’ 情報リテラシのあらまし

Apr 19 2. Internet and World Wide Web インターネットとWeb(WWW)

Apr 26 3. Network security ネットワーク・セキュリティ



4. Internet-based electronic commerce and social media ネット上の商取引とソーシャルメディア

5. Copyright of things and its infringement 著作権とその侵害

6. Data/Information handling and processing (Data Science) データあるいは情報の取り扱い(Data Science)

7. Data analysis データ分析

8. Geographical Information System 地理情報システム

9. Digital earth デジタルアース

Instructor: OSAKI‚ Keiji 尾崎 敬二(~2018年度) | Language of Instruction: J/E

Course ID: GEN064 | Course Schedule: 5/TH,(6/TH,7/TH) | Update: 2019.01.30

Fields of Relation: Information Science 情報科学 Category: General Education