Interpreting Theory and Practice 通訳の理論と実践

Course Description

The nature and process of interpreting will be examined from a communication studies perspective. Basic interpreting theories and a variety of interpreting types and modes will be introduced. Students will experience various training methods and practice both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The course also trains students in promptly presenting information and one’s understanding of current issues both in Japanese and English.


Contents of Lectures 2 Lectures / 3 Videos

Jan 16

Jan 21

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Period 2

Instructor: HONGO‚ Yoshikazu 本郷好和(~2013年度) | Language of Instruction: J/E

Major: Media‚ Communication and Culture メディア・コミュニケーション・文化 | Course ID: MCC232 | Course Schedule: 1/TU, 2/TU, 1/TH | Update: 2018.10.04 Category: Major Courses