History of Asian Music II アジア音楽史 II

Course Description

This course examines the musical traditions of Japan. Representative works will be examined through notations and contemporary recordings, and these works will be considered from a cultural perspective. Students do not need to have taken part I of the course.

日本の伝統音楽の代表的な作品を、楽譜や録音等の記録を用いて文化的側面から検討する。I の既習は必要ない。

Contents of Lectures 10Lectures /1 Video

Week 1: Japanese music, music in Japan, music of Japan.

Week 2: Gagaku.

Week 3: Music and religion.

Week 4: Biwa.

Week 5: Music of the Noh theater.

Week 6: Music of the Kabuki theater.

Week 7: Shakuhachi.

Week 8: Okinawan music

Week 9: Chamber music for koto and Shamisen.

Week 10: Modern Japanese music. Pop, classical, jazz.

Instructor: GILLAN‚ Matthew | Language of Instruction: E

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