2013A  S2: History of Liberal Arts S2: リベラルアーツの歴史  

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ICU is well known as the pioneer liberal arts university in Japan. But what is meant by the liberal arts?This course will introduce students to the history and present-day implications and significance of a liberal arts education. Beginning with Socrates, the course will trace the evolution of liberal learning (as a distinctive approach to education) through the European middle ages up to the present day.


Contents of Lectures        16Lectures  / 3 Videos

Sep 9 No Class (Reading: Nussbaum, Introduction)

Sep 12 Introduction: What is Liberal Arts?

Sep 16 The Socratic Tradition: (Reading: Nussbaum, Chapt 1 Socratic Self Examination)

Sep 19 Special Lecture and discussion led by Professor Yoshinori Sano: Greek Drama as an Educationa Medium: Antigone

Sep 23 Holiday No Class

Sep 26 Liberal Arts Exercise 1: Religious Literacy and the Liberal Arts

  Enhancing Religious Literacy in a Liberal Arts Education through the Study of Islam and Muslim Societies

  (Reading form the Harvard Sampler) Discussion: What is meant by religious literacy?

  Assignment 1 due

Sep 30 The Seven Liberal Arts

Oct 03 Special Lecture and Discussion led by Professor Kei Nasu: Amateruism and the Educaiton of an English Gentleman

Oct 07 Liberal Arts Exercise 2: The Internet: Freedom and Fear (Reading from the Harvard Sampler)

Oct 10 Discussion: The Internet experience in Japan

  Assignment 2 due

Oct 14 Liberal Arts in the Nineteenth Century

Oct 17 John Stuart Mill: Address to St. Andrew’s College, 1867

Oct 21 Japan and Liberal Arts

Oct 24 Special Lecture by Professor Alan Nelson on Liberal Arts in USA

Oct 28 Liberal Art Exercise 3: Securing Human Rights: Philosophical Inquiries about the Universal Declaration

  (Reading from the Harvard Sampler)

Oct 31 Discussion: ICU and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights

  Assignment 3 due

Nov 04 Holiday No Class

Nov 07 Film: Dead Poet Society

Nov 11 Socrates Revisited: Liberal Arts for the 21st Century (Reading: Nussbaum, concluding chapter)

Instructor: STEELE‚ M. William | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: GES034 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2019.01.22

Fields of Relation: History 歴史学 Category: General Education