H2: Language Education H2:言語教育

Course Description

This course focuses on the teaching and learning of languages with discussions of the methods of teaching languages, learning strategies and language education around the world.


Contents of Lectures 11 Lectures / 2 Videos

Difficulty of defining ‘first language’

Definition of ‘second language’

Second language acquisition vs first language acquisition

Theories of second language acquisition

Language attrition

Variables affecting second language acquisition

Foreign language methodology

Bilingual education

Nov 06 Linguistic imperialism

Nov 08 Liberal arts education and language education

Other issues presented by guest lecturers

Instructor: TOMIYAMA‚ Machiko 富山真知子 | Language of Instruction: J/E

Course ID: GEH041 | Course Schedule: 3/M, 3/W, 3/F | Update: 2014.05.29

Fields of Relation: Language Education 言語教育 Category: General Education