H2: Behavioral Sciences and Humanistic Sciences (B) H2:行動の科学・人間性の科学(B)

Course Description

Students are expected to acquire psychological knowledge and approaches in this course. This course encourages them to examine how these knowledge and approaches are applied to the categories of plan, action and assessment in various fields such as education, peace and environment.


Contents of Lectures 10 Lectures / 3 Videos

Module #1  Introduction & Overview

Module #2  Explaining & Measuring Happiness (1)

Module #3

Module #4 Boosting Happiness?

Module #5 Webs of Well-Being and Happiness: Interdependence of Personal,Rela: onal, Organiza: onal, and Community Well-Being

Jan 24 Module #6 Developing Strengths and Living Well in a Multicultural Context (1)

Sense of Community and Well-Being : Does It Really Matter?

※Videos are condensed version of course.


Jan 29 Module #7 Developing Strengths and Living Well in a Multicultural Context (2)

Complexities and Challenges of Cultural & Human Diversity in Promoting Well-Being and Happiness

※Videos are condensed version of course.


Module #8 Interventions for Enhancing Well-Being: Issues of Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

Module #9 Seeing our Futures Through Hope: Another View on Happiness and Well-Being

Feb 21 Module #10 Students Presentations of Group Projects

※Video is partial recording of lecture.


Instructor: SASAO‚ Toshiaki 笹尾敏明 | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: GEH052 | Course Schedule: 3/TU, 2/TH, 3/TH | Update: 2013.12.10

Fields of Relation: Psychology 心理学 Category: General Education