Introduction to Calculus 微分積分入門

Course Description

Foundation on calculus of functions of one variable. The content of lecture is not premised on the completion of high school calculus. Two periods of lecture and two periods of recitation weekly.

J: 1変数の微分積分学の基礎を学ぶ。高等学校での微分積分既修を前提としない。毎週講義2時限,演習2時限。 E: 微分積分入門(J)とほぼ同一の内容を英語のテキストを用いて英語で講義する。毎週講義2時限,演習2時限。

Contents of Lectures        10 Lectures  / 5 Videos

April 13,15 Functions

April 16 Limits and Continuity

April 23 Differentiation , The Chain Rule

April 30 Implicit Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives

May 07 Integration

May 14 Transcendental Functions

May 21 Applications of Definite Integrals

May 28 Techniques of Integration

Techniques of Integration Period1

Techniques of Integration Period2

June 04 Techniques of Integration

Techniques of Integration-period1

Techniques of Integration-period2

June 11 First-Order Differential Equations

First-Order Differential Equations-period1

First-Order Differential Equations-period2

June 18 Final exam

Instructor: SHIMIZU‚Yuji 清水勇二 | Language of Instruction: J

Major: Mathematics 数学 | Course ID: MTH102 | Course Schedule: 1/TH,2/TH <6/M,7/M or 6/W,7/W> | Update: 2016.06.14  Category: Major Courses