S1: Religion and Global Politics S1:宗教と国際政治

Course Description

Course examines the influence of religion on global politics.


Contents of Lectures 10Lectures / 2 Videos


2.Who do we think “we” are?

3.What do “we” believe in?

4.Are there “universal” values?

5.Case Study: Human Rights

6.How do our beliefs affect international relations?

May 27 7.Is conflict between different beliefs inevitable?

June 03 7.Is conflict between different beliefs inevitable?

8. Case Study: The Clash of Civilizations and “War on Terror”

9. A Post-secular International Relations?


Instructor: SHANI‚ Giorgiandrea | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: GES008 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2013.03.25

Fields of Relation: International Relations 国際関係学, Philosophy and Religion 哲学・宗教学 Category: General Education