HST224 2013S  Modern Japan and ICU 近代日本とICU  

Course Description

This course seeks to place the founding of history of ICU in the context of modern Japanese history. The course will trace the history of Christian higher education from the Meiji period and focus on the experience of ICU from its founding in the immediate postwar period to the present day.


Apr 11   Lecture01 Introduction: ICU and Modern Japan

Apr 15 Lecture02 Fukuzawa Yukichi: New Learning for a New Japan

Related Links : Fukuzawa Yukichi (Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukuzawa_Yukichi

Apr 18 Lecture03 Niijima Jo and the Founding of Doshisha

Apr 22 Lecture04 Uchimura Kanzo and Christian Pacificism

Related Links : Uchimura Kanzo (Wikipedia) (Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uchimura_Kanzō

Bibliography : Reading: John Howes, “Uchimura Kanzo: The Bible and War,” in Bamba, Pacificism in Japan(pp. 91)

Apr 25 Lecture05 Missionaries and Higher Education in Modernizing Japan

Apr 29 Lecture06 Yuasa Hachiro: His Early Life (Postcard cataloguing Project)

May 02 Lecture07 (ICU Dedication Day) Walking Tour relating to the History of ICU (weather permitting)

May 09 Lecture08 Christian Education in Wartime Japan

May 13 Lecture09 Nakajima Aircraft Mitaka Kenkyujo

May 16 Lecture10 Founding of ICU in Occupied Japan

May 20 Lecture11 The First 10 Years Iglehard

May 23 Lecture12 Fighting for Democracy: ICU and the Security Treaty Crisis in 1960

May 27 Lecture13 1960s Student Unrest (documents)

May 30 Lecture14 1960s Student Unrest (documents)

Jun 03 Lecture15 Memories of ICU in the 1950: Professor Emeritus Kanazawa Masataka, entered ICU 1953 (first class).

Jun 06 Lecture16 Focus on Faculty: Donald Worth

Jun 10  Lecture17 ICU: From Showa to Heisei

Jun 13    Lecture18 ICU and Educational Reform

Jun 15 Lecture19 ICU Founder’s Day (Gotemba Conference, June 15, 1949)

Jun 17 Lecture20 Poster Presentations

Instructor: STEELE‚ M. William | Language of Instruction: E

Major: History 歴史学 | Course ID: HST224 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2017.10.30  Category: Major Courses