Hot Topics in Physics 最先端の物理学

Course Description

This course will introduce students to active areas of research in physics and applied physics. The topics will be introduced in such a way that even those without a strong background in science will be able to gain a glimpse of the what is going on at the forefront of science.


Contents of Lectures 3Lectures / 3 Videos

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Dec 13 Lecture3 Instructor : Ken Okano / 岡野 健

Dec 20 Lecture5 Instructor : Eckhard HITZER

Feb 05 Lecture14 Astrophysics 2 Instructor : Yuhri ISHIMARU / 石丸 友里

Instructor: HITZER‚ Eckhard / ISHIMARU‚ Yuhri 石丸友里 (~2017年度) / OKANO‚ Ken 岡野健 / HIRASHIMA‚ Dai 平島大 / OKAMURA‚ Hideki 岡村秀樹  | Language of Instruction: J/E

Major: Physics 物理学 | Course ID: PHY252 | Course Schedule: 1 /TH, 2 /TH | Update: 2014.01.09 Category: Major Courses