PSY106 2012W    Hot Topics in Physics 最先端の物理学

Course Description

This course will introduce students to active areas of research in physics and applied physics. The topics will be introduced in such a way that even those without a strong background in science will be able to gain a glimpse of the what is going on at the forefront of science.


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Dec 13 Lecture3 Instructor : Ken Okano / 岡野 健

Dec 20 Lecture5 Instructor : Eckhard HITZER

Feb 05 Lecture14 Astrophysics 2 Instructor : Yuhri ISHIMARU / 石丸 友里

Instructor: HITZER‚ Eckhard / ISHIMARU‚ Yuhri 石丸友里 (~2017年度) / OKANO‚ Ken 岡野健 / HIRASHIMA‚ Dai 平島大 / OKAMURA‚ Hideki 岡村秀樹  | Language of Instruction: J/E

Major: Physics 物理学 | Course ID: PHY252 | Course Schedule: 1 /TH, 2 /TH | Update: 2014.01.09  Category: Major Courses