International Organization & United Nations Studies 国際連合・国際機構論

Course Description

This course will study the history of the United Nations and other international organizations, their organizational structures and activities, and the solutions of various international problems through the framework of international organizations.


Contents of Lectures 19Lectures / 4Videos

Apr 10 Lesson 1 Introduction

Apr 12 Lesson 2 Major actors of Global Governance: States, IGOs (Intergovernmental Organizations) and Non-State Actors including NGOs

Apr 17 Lesson 3 UN (1): UN organizations and functions

Apr 19 Lesson 4 UN (2): Peace and Security (B)

Apr 24 Lesson 5 UN (3): Peace and Security (C)

Apr 26 Lesson 6 UN (4): Peace and Security (D)

May 01 Lesson 7 UN (5): Sustainable Development including Environment (A)

May 08 Lesson 8 UN (6): Sustainable Development including Environment (B)

May 10 Lesson 9 UN (7): Human Rights (A)

May 15 Lesson 10 UN (8): Human Rights (B)

May 17 Lesson 11 UN (9): Secretary-General and Financing of the UN

May 22 Lesson 12 UN (10): UN reform

May 24 Lesson 13 Regional Organizations

May 29 Lesson 14Guest speaker: Ms. Kaoru NEMOTO, Director of the UN information Centre (UNIC) in Tokyo

Topic: Your UNITED NATIONS: transforming our world through SDGs as CHANGEMAKER

May 31 Lesson 15Guest speaker: HE Mr. Clement Philip Ricardo ALLICOCK, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Jamaica in Japan

Topic: Diplomatic Policy of Jamaica – A Small Island Perspective

Jun 05 Lesson 16 Other Organizations

Jun 07 Lesson 17 Non-State Actors

Jun 12 Lesson 18 Media

Jun 14 Lesson 19 Human Security

Instructor: YOSHIKAWA‚ Motohide 吉川元偉 | Language of Instruction: E

Major: International Relations 国際関係学 | Course ID: IRL216 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2018.09.20 Category: Major Courses