Old Testament Hebrew 旧約ヘブライ語

Course Description

A study of Old Testament Hebrew and philology. Grammar and reading selections of the text.


Contents of Lectures 21 Lectures / 2 Videos

Sep 08 1. Introduction

Sep 12 2. Syllables; The Matres Lectionis; The Full and Defective Spellings

Sep 15 3. Noun: Gender, Number, and Endings

Sep 19 4. Hebrew Roots and Patterns; Weak Radicals; Nouns With Prefixes

Sep 26 5. Geminate Nouns; Segolate Nouns; Irregular Plurals

Sep 28 6. The Definite Article; The Prefixed Prepositions

Oct 03 7. Adjectival Patterns; Uses of the Adjective; Agreement of the Adjective

Oct 06 8. The Verbal Patterns; The Inflection of the Participle

Oct 10 9. The Qal Active Participle; Uses of the Participle

Oct 13 10. The Independent Personal Pronouns; The Suffixed Pronouns; The Marker of Definite Direct Object

Oct 17 11. The Demonstratives; Relative Clauses; Interrogative Clauses

Oct 20 12. The Construct Chain; Construct Noun Forms; The Superlative

Oct 24 13. Nouns with Pronominal Suffixes; Forms of the Noun before Suffixes

Oct 27 14. The Afformatives of the Perfect; The Qal Perfect; Uses of the Perfect

Oct 31 15. The Syntax of the Verbal Clause; Negation of the Perfect

Nov 03 16. The Qal Perfect of Irregular Verbs

Nov 07 17. The Imperfect Inflection; The Qal Imperfect

Nov 10 18. The Uses of the Imperfect; Expression of Will; Negation of Imperfects; Jussives; Cohortatives

Nov 14 19. The Qal Imperative; The Qal Infinitive Absolute; The Qal Infinitive Construct

Nov 17 20. The Niphal Pattern; The Piel Pattern; The Hiphil Pattern; The Hithpael Pattern

Nov 21 21. Summary

Instructor: RO‚ Johannes Unsok 魯恩碩 | Language of Instruction: J

Major: Philosophy and Religion 哲学・宗教学 | Course ID: PHR111 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2017.05.01 Category: Major Courses