History of Japan (Modern) III 日本史(近代)III

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I: Examination of the main factors in the development of ancient and medieval Japan. II: Examination of the main factors in the development of early modern Japan. III: Examination of the main factors in the development of modern Japan since the Meiji Restoration.

I:古代・中世形成過程とその主たる諸要因を考察する。 II:近世形成過程とその主たる諸要因を考察する。 III:明治維新以後の近代日本形成とその主たる諸要因を考察する。

Contents of Lectures 18Lectures /1 Video

Introduction: The early modern context of Japan’s modern history

Dec 05 #1 Course introduction East Asia, Europe and the Tokugawa regime in Japan

Japan before the Meiji Restoration

Dec 10 #2 Changes in early 19th-century Japanese society

Dec 12 #3 Japan encounters the “barbarians”

Dec 17 #4 The beginning of the unequal treaties in Japan

Dec 19 #5 Review session 1/midterm 1

Japan’s modern transformation

Jan 07 #6 Political revolution

Jan 09 #7 The transformations of the Meiji period

Jan 14 #8 Political opposition and constitutional politics

Jan 16 #9 Review session 2/midterm 2

Japan’s imperial empire

Jan 21 #10 War with China and Russia

Jan 23 #11 The Japanese colonial empire

Jan 28 #12 Economic development and social change

Jan 30 #13 Democracy, protest and social control

Feb 04 #14 Review session 3/midterm 3

War and peace

Feb 11 #15 Problems of modernity and political instability

Feb 13 #16 War with China and the West

Feb 18 #17 The end of the war and the Occupation

Feb 20 #18 Review session 4/midterm 4

Instructor: ESKILDSEN‚ Robert Alan | Language of Instruction: E

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