Studies in Moral Education 道徳教育の研究

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Theoretical and historical approach to problems of moral education in Japan today. Includes study of its aims, principles and methods of instruction. Required of those seeking junior high school teacher certification. Priority for course registration is given to junior and senior students.

今日の日本における道徳教育の諸問題を理論的,歴史的に考察する。道徳教育の目的,原理,方法の研究を含む。中学校教員免許状取得希望者は必修。第 3,4 年次生対象。

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Instructor: HAYASHI‚ Akimichi 林昭道 | Language of Instruction: J

Major: Education 教育学 | Course ID: EDU217 | Course Schedule: 5/F,6/F | Update: 2014.04.30 Category: Major Courses