N2: Experimental Approach to Natural Sciences N2:実験付き自然科学入門

Course Description

To understand nature and learn scientific methods through experiments in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. Lecture (explanation, presentation and discussion) and laboratory.


Contents of Lectures 5 Lectures / 2 Videos

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Sep 17, Sept 19 物を遠くにとばすには…
Instructor: OKANO, Ken / 岡野健

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Oct 08 シロアリの行動実験
Oct 17 シロアリの行動検証実験

Oct 22 学生の発表

  Instructor: KAMITO, Takehiko / 上遠岳彦

※Videos are condensed version of course.


Instructor: KAMITO‚ Takehiko 上遠岳彦 / OKANO‚ Ken 岡野健 / KUBO, Kenya 久保謙哉 | Language of Instruction: J

Course ID: GEN031 | Course Schedule: 3/TU, 2/TH, 3/TH | Update: 2014.12.08

Fields of Relation: Biology 生物学, Chemistry 化学, Physics 物理学 Category: General Education