Foundation of Chemistry Laboratory 基礎化学実験

Course Description

To acquire the basic concepts of chemistry, experimental techniques, and customs required to carry out chemistry experiments, through selected experiments from Organic, Analytical, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry.


Contents of Lectures 7 Lectures

Course schedule

  1. Scientific Thinking: The System 科学的思考力:「系」

  2. Inorganic Qualitative Analysis (IQA) – Part 1 無機定性分析-その1

  3. Inorganic Qualitative Analysis (IQA) – Part 2 無機定性分析-その2

  4. Physical Chemistry Part 1 – Rate of Reaction 物理化学:その1 – 反応速度

  5. Physical Chemistry Part 2 – Partition Law 物理化学:その2 – 分配の法則

  6. Organic Synthesis Part 1 – Synthetic Polymers 有機化学:その1 – 合成高分子

  7. Organic Synthesis Part 2 – Luminol 有機化学:その2 – ルミノール

Lecture Notes

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Instructor: KOE‚ Julian R. / KUBO‚ Kenya 久保謙哉 / ODAKE Shoko 小竹祥子  | Language of Instruction: J/E

Major: Chemistry 化学 | Course ID: CHM102 | Course Schedule: 4/F, 5/F, 6/F, 7/F | Update: 2013.04.01 Category: Major Courses