Global Governance グローバル・ガバナンス論

Course Description

Introduction to the key theories and issues in global governance. It provides a comprehensive overview of the ways in which the world is governed by a variety of actors.


Contents of Lectures 18Lectures / 1Video

Sep 8: Lecture 1 T1: International Governance

※Video is partial recording of Course.


Sep 12: Lecture 2 C1: Unicef and Roll Back Malaria

Sep 15: Lecture 3 T2: Corporate Globalization

Sep 19: Lecture 4 C2: Nike and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sep 26: Lecture 5 T3: Global Civil Society

Sep 29: Lecture 6 C3: Jubilee 2000

Oct 3: Lecture 7   T4: Peace and Security

Oct 6: Lecture 8 C4: India and Nuclear Proliferation

Oct 10: Lecture 9 T5: Human Rights and Democracy

Oct 13: Lecture 10 C5: ICC

Oct 17: Lecture 11 T6: Money and Finance

Oct 20: Lecture 12 C6: Korea and Asian Financial Crisis

Oct 24: Lecture 13 T7: Trade and Investment

Oct 27: Lecture 14 C7: The WTO and Drug Access

Oct 31: Lecture 15 T8: Economic Growth and Human/Social Development

Nov 31: Lecture 16 C8: Coffee Industry in El Salvador

Nov 7: Lecture 17 T9: The Environment and Sustainable Development

Nov 10: Lecture 18 C9: Japan and the Kyoto Protocol

Instructor: MORI‚ Katsuhiko 毛利勝彦 | Language of Instruction: E

Major: Global Studies グローバル研究 | Course ID: GLS101 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2019.12.23 Category: Major Courses