Global Civil Society 地球市民社会論

Course Description

Examines the theoretical and practical challenges NGOs and other stakeholders encounter in an emerging global civil society. Language of instruction differs by year.


Lecture 10

Group Presentations

In this session, four student’s group presented their NGOs ad their specific campaigns. The students were supposed to develop a campaign and an organization that can actually work, so they need to think about fund raising, attracting members and supports, how to collaborate with other NGOs and form possible partnerships to male the campaign more effective, how to deal with government offices, ministries, bureaucracy, think tanks, as well as international political, economic, and social actors.

The students developed four campaigns:

NGO 1: Watering the World

NGO 2: Homeless Awareness

NGO 3: CLFN Child Labor Free Network

NGO 4: B4Japan Project (against Human Trafficking)

All campaigns developed websites, posters, two of them even made a video spot which was uploaded to the class Moodle site at ICU to be seen by all students.

Instructor: VOSSE‚ Wilhelm M. | Language of Instruction: J

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