Advanced Studies in International Relations 国際関係学特別研究

Motohide Yoshikawa H.E. Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations(at the time of interview), March 1974 Graduate of ICU’s College of Liberal Arts, Division of Social Sciences.

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Course Description

Advanced exploration and analysis of selected topics in international relations. 国際関係をめぐる重要課題を随時取り上げ分析する。

Contents of Lectures 10 Lectures / 8 Videos

Apr 10 A. Reflection of My 42-year Diplomatic Career: How I became a diplomat and what challenges I faced (Open to all ICU students)

  B. Introduction of the Course: Aim of the course. Feedback from the students.

Apr 17 **Campus Only
A. History of the United Nations, including its predecessor, the League of Nations.

B. Guidance: Searching for UN-related Information and Documents (Open to all ICU students)
-Guest Speaker: Mr. Kiyoshi Chiba (United Nations Information Centre)

Apr 24 A. Peace and Security (1): Role of the UN Security Council: Use of force authorized by the SC – Korean War, Iraq War I and II, and Afghanistan

B. Peace and Security (2): PKOs – History, functions, and limits

May 01 A. Peace and Security (3): Peace Building and “Seamless Assistance”

B. Peace and Security (4): How the SC Works? Making of SC Resolution 2270 on DPRL’s nuclear test

May 08 A. Peace and Security (5): Reform of the Security Council

  B. Human Rights: North Korea, Treaty bodies, including disability

May 15 A. Diplomacy and Media – Case Studies: Japanese Hostages in Iraq

B. Diplomacy and Media – Guest Discussant: Prof. Fumihiko Yoshida

May 22 A. Humanitarian Assistance and Development (1): MDGs and SDGs

UN Initiatives on Gender and SDGs (open to all ICU students) – Guest Speaker: Ms. Miwa Kato, Regional Director, UN Women Regional Office for Asia Pacific

B. UN Initiatives on Gender and SDGs (Part 2)

May 29 A. Global Issues

Human Security and Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

B. Secretary-General and Secretariat

Instructor: Prof. MORI, Katsuhiko

Jun 05 A. Career Development in Diplomatic and International Public Services

B. Career Development in Diplomatic and International Public Services

Jun 12 A. Paris Agreement

B. The Role of Japan in the World: Historical Perspective

2017, Spring
Instructor: YOSHIKAWA‚ Motohide 吉川元偉 | Language of Instruction: E

Major: International Relations 国際関係学 | Course ID: IRL388 | Course Schedule: 5/M,6/M | Update: 2017.05.18 Category: Major Courses