N1: Foundations and Concepts of Physics (B) N1:物理学の基礎と概念(B)

Course Description

This course is designed to examine the foundation and principles of physics from a historical perspective. Providing an overview of the cutting-edge knowledge of science, this course also examines how one”s perception of the physical-material universe may affect one”s philosophical viewpoint.


Contents of Lectures 14 Lectures / 3 Videos

The Laws of Motion

Mechanical Objects

Feb 10 Fluids

Feb 12 Fluids and Motion

Feb 14 Fluids and Motion

Heat and Phase Transitions


Resonance and Mechanical Waves


Magnetism and Electrodynamics

Electromagnetic Waves


Optics and Electronics

Modern Physics* (* Extent depends on time available.)

Instructor: HITZER‚ Eckhard | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: GEN012 | Course Schedule: 3/M, 3/W, 3/F | Update: 2014.12.11

Fields of Relation: Physics 物理学 Category: General Education