S1: Capitalism and Society S1: 資本主義と社会

Course Description

The subject of this course is “money”, not in the sense of making money but in the sense of asking what money is. Money plays a central role in capitalist society we now live in. But it is surprisingly elusive to define. This course traces the history of thoughts on money and its relations with community, exchanges, markets, and profits since ancient times to the present. Indeed, money is the simplest social entity that mediates human intercourses, and the study of money is the best introduction to the study of more complex social entities such as rights, power, and language. The ultimate purpose of this course is to present humanities and social sciences, i.e., Human Sciences, as “sciences” of these social entities, distinct from natural sciences and biological sciences that deal with physical matters and life substance.


Contents of Lectures 9 Lectures / 2 Videos

Sep 10 0.始めに:貨幣とは何か?(1)


Sep 12 0.始めに:貨幣とは何か?(1)









Instructor: IWAI‚ Katsuhito 岩井克人 | Language of Instruction: J

Course ID: GES002 | Course Schedule: 3/TU, 2/TH, 3/TH | Update: 2013.11.27

Fields of Relation: Business 経営学, Economics 経済学 Category: General Education