Language and Culture in Japan 日本の言語と文化

Course Description

Study of some aspects of Japanese language and culture in the light of the history of Japanese language education. Various literary works written in Japanese by non-Japanese writers will be discussed.


Contents of Lectures 10Lectures / 2 Videos

Week1 言語学とは?日本語学とは?

Week2 文化とは?日本の文化とは?

Week3 日本語の特徴、語彙

Week4 和製英語

Week5 敬語

Week6 女性言葉・男性言葉

Week7 「する」動詞と「なる」動詞

Week8 May 31 擬態語・擬声語

Week9 June 5 日本語教育:日本語と日本文化


畑佐 一味(ミドルベリー日本語学校 校長)

柳亭 左龍(落語家)

Week10 期末プロジェクト

Instructor: EDA‚ Sanae 江田早苗 | Language of Instruction: J/E Major: Linguistics 言語学 | Course ID: LNG206 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2016.06.28 Category: Major Courses