Computing for Researchers 研究者のためのコンピューティング

Course Description

This course will help graduate students from many academic fields develop computing skills for research. Students will learn computing techniques and basic tools for data processing, statistical analysis, charting, graphing, as well as the TeX/LaTeX software for typesetting research articles in professional style.


Contents of Lectures 10Lectures / 2 Videos

Dec06    Introduction to R I Professor Pichl/Professor Kaizoji

Dec13 Introduction to R II Professor Pichl

Dec 20 Introduction to R III Professor Pichl

Jan10 Introduction to R IV Professor Pichl

Jan 17    Introduction to R V  Professor Pichl

       Statistics with R I Professor Kaizoji

Jan 24 Statistics with R II Professor Kaizoji

Jan 31 Statistics with R III Professor Kaizoji

Feb 07 Statistics with R IV Professor Kaizoji

Feb 14  Dynamic Documents Using Rmarkdown Guest Lecture:Professor Suzuki

R Markdown for Reproducible Research and Dynamic Documents

Period 2

Period 3



Feb 21  Final presentations

Instructor: KAIZOJI‚ Taisei 海蔵寺大成 / PICHL‚ Lukas(~2019年度) / SUZUKI‚ Hiroshi 鈴木寛( ICU Professor Emeritus 国際基督教大学 名誉教授) | Language of Instruction: E

Course ID: QALL401 | Course Schedule: 2/TU,3/TU | Update: 2019.09.26 Category: Graduate Schools