H2: Behavioral Sciences and Humanistic Sciences (A) H2:行動の科学・人間性の科学(A)2013W

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Students are expected to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of human behavior and various cues so as to consider the human nature and social life as revealed by recent development in the behavioral and humanistic science. This course aims to examine various issues such as perception, motivation and stress that underline human behavior.


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2013, Winter
Instructor: ISOZAKI‚ Mikitoshi 磯崎三喜年(-2018) / MORISHIMA‚ Yasunori 森島 泰則 / NISHIMURA‚ Kaoru 西村馨 | Language of Instruction: J

Course ID: GEH051 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2015.01.21 Lecture Date2014.2.20

Fields of Relation: Psychology 心理学 Category: General Education