QEPS515 2013S
The Psychology of Peace and Conflict Resolution 平和と紛争解決の心理学

Course Description

This course represents an offering in general on the mutual interactions between human beings and their environments, physical and social(including economic, political and religious contexts), natural and built. As this course is also designated as a core component of the Rotary World Peace programme offered, the course focuses in particular on how the environmental contexts in which people live relate to basic issues of peace, security and conviviality(kyosei). Environmental determinants of attitudes and behaviour which relate to issues of peace, security, and conflict are the major focus. Issues of group dynamics as they relate to prejudice, discrimination, racism, and conflict are explored. The psychological and physiological impacts of conflict and violence are examined. Strategies for avoiding or managing conflict are considered and ways of educating for a more peaceful world are evaluated from various psychological perspectives.


※Video is partial recording of lecture. ※この動画は授業の一部を公開しています。

Instructor: SASAO, Toshiaki 笹尾 敏明 | Language of Instruction: E
Course ID: QEPS515 | Course Schedule: 1/M, 2/M | Update: 2023.05.01 Category: Graduate Schools