Peace and Human Rights 平和と人権

Course Description

This course introduces cases of wars and conflicts in history and the contemporary world. It will provide a better understanding of the reasons, actors, and effects of these conflicts, while suggesting ways to their solutions.


Contents of Lectures 9 Lectures / 2 Videos

Basic Information

※Video is partial recording of lecture.


Sep 12 1.イントロダクション

Sep 19 2.世界人権宣言の内容と意味(1)

Sep 26 2.世界人権宣言の内容と意味(2)

Oct 03 3.人権の思想史と現代の人権論

Oct 10 4.現代世界における暴力と平和

Oct 17 4.現代世界における暴力と平和

Oct 24 5.「日本国憲法」の平和主義と平和的生存権(1)

Oct 31 5.「日本国憲法」の平和主義と平和的生存権(2)

Nov 07 6.むすびにかえて


Instructor: CHIBA‚ Shin 千葉眞 (~2019年度) | Language of Instruction: J/E

Major: Peace Studies 平和研究 | Course ID: PCS201 | Course Schedule: 5/TH ,6/TH | Update: 2014.04.28 Category: Major Courses