Topics in Linguistics I 言語学特別研究 I

Course Description

Papers on certain topics in the field of linguistics will be selected and studied. Prerequisites: Linguistic Analysis, or consent of the instructor.


Contents of Lectures 10 Lectures / 8 Videos

Basic Information

Apr 10 Integration Hypothesis of Human Language Evolution

Shigeru Miyagawa Based on Miyagawa, Berwick, Okanoya 2013 (Frontiers)

Apr 17 Agreements that occur mainly in the main clause—desu/masu as person agreement
Shigeru Miyagawa Based on Miyagawa 2012, “Agreements that occur mainly in the main clause.”

A feature-inheritance approach to root phenomena and parametric variation

Agreements that occur mainly in the main clause

Agreements that occur mainly in the main clause Final


Apr 24 Case/Agreement and Animacy in Ryukyuan (Shuri Okinawan)

Guest Speaker : Prof.HIRAIWA, Ken / Meiji Gakuin University

May 01 NP Ellipsis as argument for agreement

Guest Speaker : TAKAHASHI. Daiko

May 08 Ga and no in Kumamoto Dialect

Guest Speaker : Nobuaki Nishioka

May 15 The position of the subject

Guest Speaker : Masa Koizumi

May 22 Scrambling

Guest Speaker : Hisa Kitahara

May 29 Open

Jun 05 Negative Sensitive Items Shigeru Miyagawa Based on Miyagawa, Nishioka, Zeilstra 2013

Jun 12 Wh-­in-­situ and the Q-­particle

Guest Speaker : Tomo Yoshida Based on T.Yoshida 2012,Lingua

2014, Spring
Instructor: MIYAGAWA‚ Shigeru 宮川繁 | Language of Instruction: E
Guest Speaker : Tomo Yoshida / Guest Speaker : Hisa Kitahara / Guest Speaker : Masa Koizumi / Guest Speaker : Nobuaki Nishioka / Guest Speaker : TAKAHASHI, Daiko

/ Guest Speaker : Prof.HIRAIWA, Ken

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