S2: Education Projects for Global and Social Change S2:グローバル・社会変革のための教育プロジェクト

Course Description

This course will challenge students to think about their present and future role as global citizens in shaping global society through education and facilitate education project planning and implementation. Off-campus seminars will be organized at institutions such as UNICEF, JICA, and local NGOs to provide students with an opportunity to learn about other examples of education projects. Students will work in groups to plan and implement an education project to effect global/social change.


Contents of Lectures 8 Lectures / 2 Videos

Lecture 1 Early Foundations of Higher Education in the West

Lecture 2 The American University and Liberal Arts Education

Lecture 3 Globalization of Higher Education

Jan 24 Lecture 4 Development of Asian Higher Education: Intellectuals and Institutions in China and Japan

Lecture 5 Exam Cultures, Students, and the Asian University

Lecture 6 Universities in Developing Countries: A Cambodian Case Study

Lecture 7 Higher Education’s Role for Economic and Political Development

Feb 18 Lecture 8 Students Presentations of Education Projects

※Videos are condensed version of course.


Instructor: DAWSON‚ Walter P. | Language of Instruction: E/J

Course ID: GES057 | Course Schedule: 4*/M, 4*/TH | Update: 2013.04.01

Fields of Relation: Development Studies 開発研究, Education 教育学, Global Studies グローバル研究 Category: General Education